You seem nice.
Your journey has brought you to a new land.
Here we play with the building blocks of tomorrow.
We specialize in social content.
Truthful. Irreverent. Humorous.
Socially awkward? You're perfect for us.
In Kirk Land, there's no settling.
There are no boundaries.
We innovate.
We dare.
Yes, it can be uncomfortable.
But if you wanted comfortable then you wouldn't be here, would you?
Are you looking for a fun future for your brand?
Then perhaps, you've come to the right place.


Kirk Land is an independent creative place. We irreverently tell the truth daily. We specialize in getting people to like your brand across all platforms. All who are brave, adventurous, and open-minded are accepted. We cultivate curious. We dwell in possibility. If you seek natural unprocessed creativity, consultants, strategists, content creators, or just need to adopt a beautiful brainstorm baby, then come on in. We think you'll like it here.


What do you need? We got you. Here brainstorm babies are born at the speed of browsing. We believe creative content should live where the eyeballs live, be it the socials or big events like the Super Bowl, Oscars, Final Four, or the Olympics. There's free HBO. And free continental breakfast. Plus, depending on your needs, distance, and availability we are above average dinner guests and conversationalists.


Why not?
We want to color outside the lines and generously share with others how to do the same.

Our credo:
Greatness has a point of view.
Irreverence is the champion of liberty.
Humor is the enemy of authority.
Truth is a fine strategy.
Individuality takes courage.
Being nice never hurt anyone.
The future is fun.


Helmsman In Chief

We’re a new kind of creative commorancy developed for emerging, challenger, and established consumer brands that need advertising thingies but don’t want an "ad agency" thingy. We aren't "full-service" because we'd rather be great at some things than average at a lot of things. Come to Kirk Land for creativity because that brings actual value to your business. We will provide an agile cross-discipline creative contingent hellbent on executing with taste, courage, and ingenuity. Think of us as your helmsman for navigating the waters of the modern era. You'll find your sea leg thingies here.

Hype Man

Traditionally, the job of the HYPE MAN is to get the audience “hype” before the headlining performer comes out on stage. His or her job is to keep the momentum going during the show. Does your brand need a hype man? Is there a new product launch or IPO in the near future? Come to Kirk Land and we'll manufacture all the hype you could ever need. We'll be your MC Cowboy or Bushwick Bill and get the crowd waving their hands in the air like they just don't care.

Howard Roark

Does your boss, boss's boss, or boss's third spouse want to make "cool stuff" like those mattress makers except you make coffee, hamburgers, or something? If this is you, Come to Kirk Land. Give us a project. We love projects because they keep us hungry and motivated. We will work directly with your brand and assist with creative conception, strategic repositioning, campaign development and production. We'll be your Howard Roark and build you something the bosses, the board or, dare we say the world, will marvel at. ( Not to mention, we're really good at the "cool stuff".)

Stormin' Norman

Wait, the Oscars (or Super Bowl, Olympics, etc.) are when?!? Ok, materials are due to the networks in 6 weeks. You’ve got bupkis. Fight or flight? First, take a deep breath, pour a prosecco, and then come to Kirk Land. We’ve been in this foxhole before. We understand how to plan and execute with precision. We pride ourselves on not getting ruffled even in the most chaotic of circumstances. Call us and we’ll get to work while you think about who you'll be wearing on the red carpet.

Baby Maker

Your company has an in-house agency or maybe you already have an agency of record that handles your day-to-day work needs. That's cool. We're sure they’re great. But as with every relationship from time to time you just need a breather—a respite if you will. This is why Kirk Land is a great place to visit. Creativity is the remedy for routine. The change of scenery will allow you to discover new ideas while liberating you from the clutches of yet another monotonous 100-page deck. Come. You'll have a wonderful stay. We'll give you a 5-star service while you sojourn under the stars. And whenever you feel the time's right, you can sally forth with new insights and maybe even a brainstorm baby to take home and call your own.

We've explored with some of the world’s most loved brands.
We're new. We're still cute and loveable with that new baby smell. Since we don't have a lot of Kirk Land work to show as of yet, some of this work was made during our past agency life. Nevertheless, you'll find that creators reside here. It would be cocksure to say we're the best creative place in the planet nine, because that's not who we are. We’re modest. So we'll just say we're in top half of one percent. Again, we’re modest.